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Name of the CompanyTABI・SQUARE Inc.
FoundationJuly 2009
Capital1,000,000 JPY
Address#301, 3-1 Hashimoto-cho, Nara 630-8217, Japan
Representative DirectorRyo Yonehara
Number of Employee22 people (including part timers)


March 2007Newly opened Shop TABI-JI, a specialty store of Tabi shoes, in the Yume CUBE shopping complex (Mochiidono Center Arcade)
June 2008Launched “Nara Explorer” (up-to-date and essential English tourist information magazine) (Publication discontinued)
July 2009Founded TABI SQUARE Inc.
December 2009Launched “agritter” (free PR magazine of Nara’s agriculture and food) (Publication discontinued)
March 2010Moved Shop TABI-JI to the present location
August 2010Published “Nara Explorer” Special Edition Restaurant Guide
March 2011Reopened Shop TABI-JI
June 2012Opened Shop TABI-JI (limited time) in Paris, France
September 2012Moved office to the present location
February 2013Published “Nara Explorer” Special Edition 2013, Nara City Guide in Traditional Chinese
March 2013Opened a new Japanese item shop WADAN in the NAMBA PARKS (Closed as the contracted period completed)
June 2014Opend Shop TABI-JI Higashimuki in Naramachi Nagaya Higashimuki (Higashimuki Shopping Street)(Closed)
July 2015Opened Shop TABI-JI (limited time) in Paris, France
October 2015Opened Shop TABI-JI’s special space in “SCRAPBOOK (JEANASIS)” in Harajuku, Tokyo (Closed)
September 2016Opened Shop TABI-JI Kamakura Hase (Closed → Reopen)
October 2016Opened Shop TABI-JI Nara-koen
December 2016Launched the English tourist information paper “Kamakura Explore.”(Publication discontinued)
September 2017Opened Shop TABI-JI’s pop up store in Paris,France.
January 2018Opened WADAN, a specialty store of Nara, in Nara HIgashimuki shopping arcade (Closed)
December 2020Opened ONE POINT, a specialty store of T-shirt, at first floor of Shop TABI-JI Nara Sanjo
June 2023Reopened Shop TABI-JI Kamakura Hase